Red Raider Fans Ready to Take on the Oklahoma Sooners and a Special T-Shirt for the Big Game

Texas Tech plays Oklahoma Saturday.
The Texas Tech Red Raiders take their undefeated record on the road, Saturday, to Norman, Oklahoma.

And here at home... team spirit is growing.

We had a chance to go out and talk to some of those fans on the campus who could not be more excited for the game. 

But-- they all agree that this is going to be a big deciding factor in how the rest of the season will play out. 

Along with this excitement... Red Raider Outfitters have created a special t-shirt just for Texas Tech fans to wear all weekend... 

They say the purpose of these shirts is to unite our team as one... and "boom those sooners" spirits!

"The top line on this shirt is ride together. And I think that really says a lot. It's really important that as a fan base we really all 'ride together' and show everybody what Texas Tech is about. So, this shirt definitely represents that. It is black, it's intimidating, it's exciting for a very exciting game," says Katie Savage at Red Raider Outfitters. 

The shirts are at all Red Raider Outfitters locations for just $20. 

And even if you are staying here for this weekend- wear it around the Hub City to show your support! 
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