Red Raiders Return To Lubbock With Holiday Bowl Win

The Texas Tech Red Raiders made it back to Lubbock within 24 hours of winning the Holiday Bowl.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Texas Tech Red Raiders made it back to Lubbock within 24 hours of winning the Holiday Bowl.

"It was great, to send those seniors out in that manner, it was really special. We wanted them to have a moment like that, and to do it in San Diego at a great bowl game, it couldnt have been written any better," Coach Kliff Kingsbury said Tuesday as the team unpacked back on campus.

Coach Kingsbury said the win in San Diego over Arizona State is a highlight for him in his first season as head coach at Texas Tech. "Just to watch those seniors, like I said, when we came in, they really took this team over and lead and believed in us, and that's not easy with a coaching change, so I wanted them to end on a high note, so it was great," he said.

It was a win that came after a season of some high and low moments for the team, which Kingsbury said only shows how determined the team was to finish the season with a strong showing at the Holiday Bowl.

"It showed a lot of this team's character, to go on, lose five in a row, and still believe in themselves and work hard, and we worked them hard this month, to get better, and it showed up on the field," Coach Kingsbury said.

KLBK caught up with fans Tuesday, many still excited because of Tech's win the night before.

"It was a great game, I wasn't expecting them to win," said one young fan.

"They pretty much, like, smashed in the other team," another woman said.

"I knew they could go in there and play, I didn't know if we'd win, but I knew it'd be a good game, but they definitely played way better than I thought they would," another fan said.

Kingsbury said he's now looking forward to a little time off now that the season is officially over. "Yeah, ready for a little vacation, we got a couple days off, so I'm going to disappear for a while," Kingsbury said.

Some fans on Tuesday said they are already getting excited to see how the Red Raiders do next season.
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