Rehab Center: Chris Brown Threw Rock Through Mom's Car Window

LOS ANGELES - A judge ordered Chris Brown on Wednesday to spend three months in rehab after reading a report that said a facility discharged the R&B singer because he threw a rock through his mother's car window.

LOS ANGELES -  A judge ordered Chris Brown on  Wednesday to spend three months in rehab after reading a report that  said a facility discharged the R&B singer because he threw a rock  through his mother's car window.

Superior Court Judge James Brandlin also added additional rules for  Brown in the coming months, requiring him to perform at least 24 hours  of community labor a week and to submit to drug testing as he deals with anger management issues.

Brown and his attorney agreed to the terms, which were suggested by  probation officials who are overseeing Brown's sentence for his 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

The Grammy winner threw a rock through his mother's car window Nov.  10 after a joint counseling session in which she suggested the singer  remain in treatment, according to a letter submitted by the rehab  facility. The facility's name was not included in court filings.

"Mr. Brown proceeded to walk outside and pick up a rock and threw it  through his mother's car window and it shattered," the letter states.  Brown was discharged because he had signed a contract agreeing to  refrain from violence while in treatment.

The singer voluntarily checked into rehab for anger management treatment Oct. 29, just days after he was arrested in Washington, D.C., after a man accused Brown of punching him after he tried to get in a photo with the singer.

The incident and the resulting misdemeanor assault charge could still trigger a probation violation that could lead to more sanctions against Brown.

Brandlin ordered probation officials to collect more details on the  Washington arrest and report back to him before a Dec. 16 hearing. A  prosecutor did not seek any revocation of Brown's probation at  Wednesday's hearing but said she was awaiting more details.

Brown is due to appear in a Washington, D.C., court Monday. Brandlin  allowed the singer to travel for the hearing, but his ruling makes clear that the expectation for the singer for the next few months is to  receive treatment and perform community labor such as graffiti removal  or roadside cleanup.

Brown's probation report states the singer has said he wants  treatment for his anger management issues. He reported being depressed  after being ordered to re-do 1,000 hours of community service earlier  this year after a hit-and-run incident. Prosecutors had raised questions about whether he performed his sentence as instructed.

Brown has performed 20 hours so far, according to the report. An  officer expressed concern that the singer wouldn't complete his  assignment if Brown was not required to perform at least 25 hours of  work per week.

The singer appeared in court Wednesday with his girlfriend Karrueche  Tran and only spoke once to acknowledge he agreed to the terms imposed  by the judge.

At Geragos' request, Brown was also ordered to take any medications his doctor prescribed.

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