Report Shows Millions of Americans are Drinking too Much

A new report from the CDC shows that millions of Americans are drinking way more than they should on a regular basis. KLBK's Alison Morris spoke with a doctor about this today, who says the habit can cause some very serious long term effects.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- America may have a drinking problem- this, according to the CDC.

The report shows that some 38 million Americans are crossing the line between moderate drinking into binge drinking.

The report shows that men and women are having 4 to 5 drinks in one sitting often times every night.

"If you're drinking more than 2 beers a day, if you're having more than 2 drinks a day you're getting into the danger zone," said Dr. Juan Fitz with Covenant. "That's more than moderate, so there's some real behavioral issues right there."

Dr. Fitz said they see the damage excessive drinking does all the time.

"We see it every single day. They come in with Cirrhosis, which is liver problems, vascular disease, their diabetes gets out of control. Those are the most common things that we see."

Another just released report shows that for men, there's another danger related to heavy drinking.

"Long term memory loss is one of the ones we found out that men in their middle ages who had moderate drinking- that means more than 2 drinks a day. They tend to have memory loss 10 years sooner than you would expect."

Best policy, Dr. Fitz says, is to keep it to a minimum.

"Stay in moderation. If you're going to drink, drink a glass of wine, or a glass a day."

Heavy drinking costs American taxpayers $224 billion dollars every year when taking into account healthcare costs, property damage, and lack of productivity.
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