Residents Upset After Dumpsters Put In Front Yard

Residents in one East Lubbock neighborhood walked out and found dumpsters sitting in their front yards. Now they aren't happy-- and are asking the city to do something about it.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- For many Lubbock residents, the trash system is simple-- 
You take your trash to a dumpster behind your house and the city picks it up.
That's how it used to work in one East Lubbock neighborhood.

But residents say that suddenly changed... When the city moved those dumpsters into their front yards.
And they are not happy.
It happened a few days ago, when residents in this neighborhood walked out and found these dumpsters sitting in their front yards. 

Now they aren't happy-- and are asking the city to do something about it. 

"They need to move the trash can," said Nikki Diam, who lives on East 18th Street. For her and her family, this is unacceptable. 

"Oh yeah they pulled up to the neighbor and blew his horn and made him move his car." 

"They weren't concered at all and then they didn't give anyone no warning or nothin like they just came and just dropped it off," said Brittany Washington,  a relative of Diam who lives in the area. 

Three dumpsters were moved from the alley behind, to their front yards. 

And when Diam called the city to complain, "I talk to him yesterday and they said we can call and make a complaint but it could take like a year or so before they find out what they gunna do." 

"It make it look trashy you know like a dumpster outside of somebody's house you know like... That's not right," said Washington.  

But the eye sore isn't the only concern. 
These residents are thinking about their kids. 

"Its a hazard. For the kids. Not only the kids the whole residence you know. And the kids they can't even ride or play on the sidewalk cause the trash can is right there. And i dont think that's fair," said Antoinette Wilson, another relative of Diam's who is over often.  

"And then you put it in the front you should come more than once," said Diam.  

These residents want the dumpsters removed. 

"Put them in the alley where they go or put them in that field anywhere," said Wilson.  

"That's just crazy. They could do anything else besides put it right there," Diam said.  

Now we spoke with the City of Lubbock Solid Waste Management. 
They say-- the reason is because this land where the dumpster truck would drive is privately owned. 
And until there is a way to enter and exit safely in the alley way-- 
Moving the dumpsters out front was their solution. 

City of Lubbock Solid Waste is presently working on a more permanent solution, to allow the dumpter truck to have easy access to the alley behind the neighborhood. 

We'll have more at as this story continues to develop. 
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