Retailers Offering Holiday Jobs

As the holiday season approaches, people are seeking employment.
WICHITA FALLS, TX -- As the holiday season approaches, hundreds of people are seeking employment, including Coyett Wingfield.

"I'm looking for a job because for one, I'm an ex-felon. You know what I'm saying? I'm trying to stay out and I'm trying to do the right thing," Wingfield.

The right thing at the right time: when hundreds of businesses are looking for hard workers to get them through their busiest time of year.

"It will put me in a position to where the people that I love, I'll be able to do something for them in return for what they've done for me in my time of need," Wingfield.

Jamie Riedt, co-owner of Express Employment Professionals, says, "The holiday help will be picking up. Especially with the retail business this time of year. We're looking at about 200 people jobs so they can have a paycheck for during the holiday season. So many, this is the roughest time of year for them."

Tandy Kimbro, co-owner of Express Employment Professionals, says, "There are so many different avenues that people use holiday help. Anywhere from retail to a lot of our industrial companies in the area."

Crystal Ojeda, Workforce Solutions job developer, says, "Our unemployment rate has dropped 1.5% over the last month, so we're seeing a very low unemployment rate and that's going to continue to decrease with the holiday season as we add seasonal jobs."

Many retailers in Wichita Falls are looking to increase their workforce.

Walmart is expecting to hire 10% more seasonal workers than they did last year.

Kohl's expects to add 40 additional employees per store.

Nationwide, JC Penney stores will have about 35,000 seasonal jobs available while Toys "R" Us plans to add 45,000 seasonal workers to their force.

Local employment agencies are finding other ways to help people during the holiday season.

For every seasonal position filled through Express Employment Professionals, the company will make a monetary donation to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

To learn more about the "Pay it Forward" program, call (940) 691-8367 or visit

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