Roswell Called A Strong Community By LISD Police Chief, A Former Roswell Officer

The Chief of Police for Lubbock ISD has ties to Roswell, and says that's a strong community who will come together through this time.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Lubbock ISD Police Chief Jody Scifres spent 20 years as an officer in Roswell and said the community is strong and will come together in this time of need.

"It's a town you live in most of your life, I worked there for 20 years up at their police department, and when you see it happening to your hometown, it makes it more personal, it's not just a bunch of strangers it's happening to," Chief Scifres said. "Emotionally, it scars a lot of people."

He was an officer there for 20 years before retiring and coming to LISD and said his heart goes out to a city he once called home.

"You know, no kid should ever have to witness something like that. They're going to have to deal with that the rest of their lives, and you know, it's going to be hard," Chief Scifres said.

"You know, the people in Roswell are real resilient, they've been through a lot of things, I mean, it's, they've had things that happen just like Lubbock does, and they always come together and get through things like this, and they will this time as well," Chief Scifres said.

In terms of school safety, Chief Scifres said they constantly review and update their school policies to make them the best they can be. He also said this should remind people a situation like this can happen anywhere, and at any time.

"It's not just at schools, it's at the workplace, malls, theaters, it can happen anywhere, you know people just need to be really vigilant," Chief Scifres said.

He also said his thoughts and prayers are going out to the community of Roswell, especially the two students still in the hospital in Lubbock. "Roswell is really close to Lubbock and it's real close to home, and it should be for everybody, and like I said, it's going to take some time to get over that," Chief Scifres said.

He said they know how much support they have from across the country.
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