Salvation Army Helping Those in the Cold

With temperatures dropping into the mid-twenties, the Salvation Army of Lubbock is doing what they can to help those stuck in the cold.
Tonight's freezing temperatures could put some people here in the Hub City without shelter at risk. 
But the Salvation Army of Lubbock says they are ready to do what they can to help.

"When it comes to life threatening weather outside we are always concerned," said Justin Eatherly with the Lubbock Salvation Army. 

Late this afternoon, Lubbock Salvation Army launched their "Survive the Night" Canteen truck, to find anyone in need as temperatures drop.  

"Once we find them we offer them a warm meal we offer them clothing blankets... Anything that can keep them warm." 

But to help these people, it doesn't stop there. 

"But we also let them know that they can come with us to the Salvation Army to stay in an even warmer shelter to survive the night, if they would like." 

The Salvation Army has cots and rooms to give a family that added shelter they may need to stay out the cold. 

"If we need more cots here and more people are coming in we can activate up to 400 cots here in our facility... We see a lot of people from Tent City a lot of people that are going to be in the cold and some of our monitors talk to them and let them know they can come stay here if its too cold as they're walking out for dinner we have a monitor saying if its too cold y'all come back."

Ready with food and shelter, no matter what the situation is, the Salvation Army says, if anyone needs assistance to come and get it. 

"We all know what Lubbock weather can be like and what it can get to so we always want to be available for anyone that needs assistance in any way and we hope that everyone knows that we are her for them and just come reach out to us come and visit and we will try to help as best we can." 

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up very soon, the Salvation Army says they are always taking donation from food to clothes and more. 

If you want to give to the Salvation Army of Lubbock, you can go to
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