Salvation Army Takes to Streets to Combat the Cold

The Salvation Army's "Survive the Night" team of volunteers took to the streets Monday night to help needier folks in town prepare for the evening's dangerously cold temperatures.
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, Tx. -- With the wind chill factor expected to drop into the single digits overnight, the Lubbock Salvation Army has opened their doors to anyone and everyone who may need a place to escape the cold.

They've turned their main dining room into a "warming station," with hot drinks and a warm meal for anyone who may not have anywhere else to go. Additionally, they've set up emergency cots to accommodate overflow in their shelters. With such dangerously low temperatures, the Salvation Army reassures they will not be turning anyone away Monday night.

Just after night fall, a mobile unit called "Survive the Night," took to the streets. A group of volunteers handed out meals, hot drinks, blankets, clothing, and any other additionally items to help keep people on the streets of central Lubbock warm. Each person was individually invited to come back and stay at their shelter as well.

The Salvation Army says they had eight single men, two single women, and one family walk in seeking emergency shelter from the frigid chill last night.

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