Salvation Army Trying to Return Widow's Donated Ring

When Salvation Army volunteers were counting Red Kettle donations Monday night, the last thing they expected to find was a gold ring. Now, after a generous anonymous donation, they're trying to return the ring to its rightful owner.

By Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- When Salvation Army volunteers were counting Red Kettle donations Monday night, no one expected to find a gold ring.

"Well, we're always finding rings that people have accidentally dropped in there," says Red Kettle Coordinator Marvis Steele. "But, they're usually calling, wanting them back.

But Monday night's ring certainly did not fall in by accident.

"We found it when we were counting money last night, it was in one of the Red Kettles," says Steele. "It had a little note with it saying she was giving it in honor of her husband, who had passed away seven years ago and that she wanted to make this in his honor."

The note continued "He had a giving heart and would want to help however he's not much, but I hope it helps."

"I heard this story about the ring late last night, and I knew it was a touching story," according to the Salvation Army's Community Relations Director, Justin Eatherly. "I knew this lady was really trying to help us, the only way she could."

Salvation Army staff weren't the only ones touched by the tale. One anonymous donor heard, and offered to pay for the ring.

His one condition? That the Salvation Army return it to the widow who gave it up.

"He said, we needed to find out how much the ring would cost, and that he would pay that as a donation, as long as we tried to get the ring back to the lady," explains Steele. 

The ring was appraised Tuesday morning at $250. No less than an hour, the Salvation Army had cash in hand from that anonymous donor. So now, they're just hoping the ring's owner will come claim what's rightfully hers.

"We hope she does come forward and allow us to give this ring back, and show her that other people were watching what she did, and knows that shes appreciated," says Eatherly. "We got the value out of that item, but we'd like for her to hang onto it."

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