Secret Tunnel Found in North Lubbock

A Lubbock family found a secret tunnel in their front yard. Now they want to know where it came from.

Twenty two years ago when Brenda Smithwick and her family moved into their north Lubbock home they had no idea what was underneath it.

“Well this is not your typical find,” Smithwick said. “Normally you don’t go out to water your yard and come back and find a hole in it especially with a tunnel.”

That is right…a tunnel.

“We called the city of Lubbock,” Smithwick said. “They came out then the fire department came out.”

The tunnel might run underneath Mesa Road.

Friday afternoon city officials told KLBK they plan to dig to see if the tunnel poses a threat to the road’s stability.

But they are not the only ones curious.

Dr. Robert Tidwell with the National Ranching Heritage Center has other questions.

“Who built this thing?” Tidwell said. “When?  Why did you build a tunnel that runs from here goes under the street? What is the purpose of this thing?”

Dr. Tidwell and his team are researching the history of the area.

The Smithwick’s say a house was built on the land before their home but it was destroyed in the tornado of 1970.

“Who ever dug this tunnel took some time because it is not a half bad job,” Tidwell said.

Tidwell said the walls and floor are fairly smooth and the builders used railroad timbers as support beams.

But what was the tunnel used for?

“Was it used by bootleggers as a smuggling tunnel?” Tidwell said. “Was it used as a tunnel to go to a fallout shelter during the 1950s? You can put just about any theory you want and it is just about as valid as anyone else’s.”

Smithwick’s 15 year old son John has a few of his own ideas.

“Well he is just excited about the history of it,” Smithwick said. “He is thinking more of bootleggers or some secret buried treasure is in there.”

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