Sexual Assault Reported at Texas Tech

Campus police say the first reported sexual assault of the school year took place last Friday night after a young woman left a nearby bar alone.
The first alleged sexual assault of the year was reported to Texas Tech police last Friday night. 

The female victim and TTU student told campus police she was leaving a bar alone around 10:30 that night. She says four black men in a pickup truck approached her, and thinking she recognized two of them, asked for a ride back to campus. She told police that two of those men then attacked her in that same vehicle. 

According to Tech police, it is unclear at the moment where the alleged attack went down. They say it may have happened in the parking lot north of the Raider Park garage, or in the parking lot outside the Clement Hall residence.

Capt. Stephen Hinkle confirmed that alcohol has been ruled a factor in this investigation. He could not confirm if the alleged victim was of legal drinking age. 

"I'm not going to say that alcohol is the cause of sexual assaults, but alcohol does lower peoples inhibitions," says Hinkle. "It makes them an easier target if they're intoxicated and they're by themselves, so that a sexual predator can prey on them."

Hinkle also said that alcohol plays a role in the majority of sexual assaults on campus. 

Tech sent out alerts to students Friday night informing them of the attack. 

Anyone with any possible information pertaining to this case are asked to contact the Texas Tech Police Department at (806) 742-3931.

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