Shallowater ISD Says Green Energy Is Paying Off

Shallowater ISD has been using green energy for about six years now and their superintendent says its really paying off. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more.
"Its been very very good for Shallowater ISD," said Shallowater Superintendent Phil Warren.

Warren says the district’s five wind turbines were big investments back in 2007, but in the last few years they have really started paying off.

"Since well 2010, 2011 that’s been saving us money so and there’s also costs every year of trying to keep things going. All of that built in we feel like over the last, since 2007 we've saved about $450,000 or $500,000 in energy," said Warren.

In 2010 Shallowater Intermediate got a grant for solar panels, something that Warren says has saved even more.

"Those two together over there produce about 25% of the energy that is used on that campus," said Warren, "At our high school we have three wind turbines and they produce about 35-40% of the energy that is used at that campus and then at middle school we have one turbine and it is about 8-10% 12% of the energy."

Warren says they’ve been able to funnel the money they’re saving on energy into the classrooms.

"We were allowed to keep a couple of teachers in place because we were saving that money. Extracurricular type of programs like the musics and the arts and those things would be the things that would suffer in hard economic times and we were able to continue having those type of classes," said Warren.
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