Share Your Candy with a Soldier

Cool Smiles Dental is collecting candy to send overseas to our troops. KLBK's Alison Morris has more on how you can help.
"They're gonna get a prize from us for doing it. It's not just turning their candy over."

D Ray Gifford with Cool smiles says that the program, "Troop Treats" is win for everybody.

Not only will it cut down on the cavities for kids, but it'll keep soldiers smiling, too.

"It provides a benefit to the children in being able to reduce the amount of decay that can form on their teeth related to the sugar they put on it," said Gifford. "It provides a benefit to our troops to be able to provide care packages to them with some candy in it and some reminders that we appreciate what they're doing for us as a country out in the service and work that they're providing."

Last year, the program pulled in over 2,000 pounds of candy.

Cool Smiles is collecting candy November 1st through November 6th.
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