Shortage of Firewood Ahead of Winter Weather

Some places in Lubbock say they are out of firewood for the year, while others are working to try to keep up with demand.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Some places in Lubbock say they are out of firewood for the year, while others are working to try to keep up with demand. 

Mary Lee Gardens is one of the places in town still working to keep their lot full of firewood. They do anticipate they will run out of oak, the most popular kind of firewood, before the weekend is up. They also said they saw a similar influx during the last storm about two weeks ago, where customers came flocking to their store.

"It's so nice when it's cold outside and you have that nice wood warmth," Drex Little said. Little went to Mary Lee Gardens to stock up for the weekend, and before any precipitation hits the ground. "Stocking up for the weekend before it gets really cold and I don't want to mess with it."

Mary Lee's wasn't the first place he went to try to get firewood. "I don't always go here, but I had, I got some wood at Walmart last time, and they were out, and so Mary Lee had some wood, and I came to stock up."

Even with precipitation heading to Lubbock in the next day, they know people will keep coming even after it starts. "It's been crazy, it's been busy, tomorrow will be busy even though the precipitation is coming, they will come out," Kevin McClurg with Mary Lee Gardens said. "Seems like it's been busier this year. But it's hard to tell, it's too early in the season to know overall. I know that that there's word that a lot of our competitors are selling out of wood, and so our sales seem to be picking up because of that. But you know, when it's cold, people want to burn wood."

We checked with a few places who supply firewood in town who said they are completely out for the year.  McClurg said they try to keep as many different places supplying them to try to keep that from happening. "We bring it in from several different people, we've got a guy who brings us our pinon, and then a guy who brings us our pecan, and a guy who we get the oak from, they're really happy with us this time of year," McClurg said.

He said if they do run out of oak this weekend, he said they should have a new supply the next week. That is their most popular wood, mostly because of how long and slow it burns, giving people a good deal for their dollar.

McClurg said they will be moving a lot of their wood inside Wednesday, and reminds anyone with firewood at home to do the same, that way the wood won't get wet, and it can still be burned.

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