Skool House Shooting Victim Arrested

One of the gunshot victims from a deadly New Year&#8217;s Day shooting at the Skool House, 1702 East 4th Street, was arrested Thursday. <span style="color: #ff0000;">UPDATED</span> 1/3/14 12:09 pm.
Marcus Deshaun Carroll, image from Lubbock County Detention Center
Marcus Deshaun Carroll, image from Lubbock County Detention Center
Abraham Ugene Cleaver, image from Facebook
Abraham Ugene Cleaver, image from Facebook
By James Clark

LUBBOCK, TX – One of the gunshot victims from a deadly New Year’s Day shooting at the Skool House, 1700 block of East 4th Street, was arrested Thursday.  According to jail records, Frank Jobodrick Anderson, 24, was taken into custody at 4:17 pm in his hospital room at University Medical Center. The charge was aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The charge was not directly related to the shooting but was instead for a stabbing incident on December 27.

Three gunshot victims were identified by police after shots were fired about 3:00 am Wednesday. Abraham Ugene Cleaver, 21, was shot outside the club and died shortly thereafter at UMC. Nicole Lee Gocher, 25, was shot through the left breast while inside the club. She has since been released from Covenant Medical Center. 

The two separate shooting incidents occurred almost simultaneously.

Anderson was the third victim - shot through the chest.  But court records said the police did not know initially if he had been in the first shooting inside the building or the second shooting in the alley nearby. Anderson was said to be in critical condition Wednesday morning but had improved to serious condition by Thursday.

UMC said Thursday afternoon that Anderson was a “security patient,” but no mention was made of his being in custody at that time.  His jail booking photo shows him in a hospital room, and presumably he will be transferred from the hospital to the county jail when he has sufficiently recovered.

Anderson is accused in the arrest warrant of stabbing and injuring his first cousin Tranard Richardson at the Jaguar's club on December 27.  The arrest warrant does not mention that Anderson was listed as the 
victim of a shooting incident on December 29.  A police report said someone fired six shots at a house in the 200 Block of David Avenue with Anderson inside.  No one was injured and the suspect fled the scene. Then, a few days later on January 1, Anderson was shot and seriously wounded at the Skool House.

So far, police have not announced any arrest for murder concerning the death of Cleaver. 

Court records obtained by also revealed details about the involvement of Marcus “Bubba” Deshaun Carroll, 23. Carroll was arrested Tuesday for shooting Gocher.

The case against Carroll is based on eyewitness statements to police. They said he pointed a gun at Cedric Long. Long swatted Carroll’s gun out of his face and at the same time someone else hit Carroll. That gave Long enough time to run away before Carroll fired approximately six shots. Long was not injured, but Gocher was.

Court records say, “Once outside [Long] heard approximately ten more gunshots come from the alley.”

A police officer was nearby and heard the shots. The officer found Cleaver lying in a parking lot, bleeding from his chest. The officer asked Cleaver who shot him. The answer was, “I couldn’t tell you.”

The officer asked a follow up question and Cleaver “advised he did not know who shot him.”

The officer also noted in court records “[Cleaver] stated numerous times that he was dying.” Cleaver was shot in the chest, left leg and scrotum.

That same officer asked the crowd gathered around Cleaver if anyone had seen what happened. “Everyone stated that they did not see anything,” the officer said in court records.
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