Slick and Sludgy Sidewalks Cause Hundreds of Injuries

Many people falling victim to the icy weather over the weekend, leading to a busy weekend for local hospitals. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
Covenant ER doctor, James Williams, said that slips, trips and falls had patients packed in their waiting room.

"Over the past weekend, we've seen probably hundreds of patients in our treat and release and our acute care department," said Williams.

Everything from big bruises, to bonked heads, and broken bones, Williams said that many elderly folks had an especially rough time.

"Certainly the ice doesn't make it easier for them and they'll fall and they'll break their hip typically."

However, Williams said, alcohol and horseplay brought in quite a few college students as well.

"The ice and alcohol don't mix."

If you find yourself falling down, Williams’ advice is to avoid bracing yourself with your arm or wrist due to a high risk of breaking it.

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