Small Business Saturday Helping Local Businesses

Lots of people shopping on Black Friday, but its the day after that local businesses get their chance to shine.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- With all this holiday shopping and major businesses opening even earlier on Black Friday, some opening on Thursday.
The smaller shops tend to get left out -- but tomorrow smaller businesses get their chance to shine.

With Black Friday, thousands of people are out shopping for deals and discounts at big name stores. 
But its the day after, Small Business Saturday that gives shoppers a whole new kind of experience. 
If fighting through crowds isn't your thing maybe try a smaller local business. 

"I believe in shopping local when I can." said Diane Burchard, manager of The Odyssey, a book and wellness store.  

And that's what Small Business Saturday is all about. 

"It supports the local economy everyone that's here is from Lubbock and we all have somehting special here because we are from Lubbock." said Rachel Marzak from J. Roberts.  

The national day to support local shops has been around officially for the last three years. 
And while their stores are smaller, the things you buy are just as good... 

"Manufacturers support our efforts also we're a smaller business... Manufacturers are tied in with us just like they are big box." said Jeff Griffith, owner of Radio Lab, an appliance and electronic store.  

Local business will be open Saturday with all your shopping needs, just like The Odyssey. 

"Books music... Like she mentioned the crystals... And we have lots of things that help you wind down." said Burchard.  

There are plenty of other smaller shops for electronics and clothes  like Radio Lab who can hook you up with a new entertainment system and J. Roberts, a new clothing boutique. 

":Well I think what we carry here is going to be really different from what people will find inthe big box stores... Our owner does all the shopping at markets and we have our own label too so its different than what people are going to find. And a lot of the pieces are rearlly special too." said Marzak. 

Whatever you're looking for, shopping at local stores doesn't just keep you from fighting the lines. But helps out those smaller shops that do so much for our local economy.  

"We trade with small business ourselves because we believe in small busines and it does help the community." said Griffith.  

"I would say just come out come and enjoy a little peace and have a little tea," said  Jeniffer Combs with The Odyssey. 

So remember, if you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the major shopping outlets. Come out on Small Business Saturday and support your local businesses. 

Since 2010 when Small Busines Saturday started more than $5.5 Billion dollars has gone to support local businesses. 

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