Soldier Comes Home to Search for Missing Daughter

Alejandro Campos was scheduled be be stationed in Afghanistan for almost another month. But his deployment was cut short when he learned his daughter Zoe was missing.

By Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- A local Marine is back in Lubbock tonight to help search for his missing teenaged daughter.

Alejandro Campos is a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps. But, his deployment was cut short when he learned his daughter Zoe had gone missing.

"I scheduled to come back in three weeks," Campos says. "Because of this event here, had to come back early."

The family says 18 year old Zoe was last seen at home on November 17th. According to Lubbock Police, they've now extended their search to El Paso, Austin and Abilene.

But, the family says, except for Austin, they don't know what connections Zoe would have to those cities.

"The only one she would have a connection with is Austin. The other two are just..I don't know why those other two got thrown in there," says Zoe's sister, Savannah. "Austin is where we used to live so thats really the only one."

Campos says that as a father, this is the hardest thing he's ever had to bear.

"I want to continue to have faith that she's okay, and that she'll be back with us soon," he says. "But sometimes I assume the worst has happened."

And with the holidays upon us, the family says it just won't be the same without Zoe.

"We can't have a Thanksgiving. We can't. It wouldn't be right."

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