Some Local Bars Turn To TABC For Voluntary Programs

Recently, TABC says they've had more local bars come to them, asking for voluntary programs to help point out fake ID's, check for serving intoxicated customers, and keeping fights out of bars.
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission offers proactive programs to help bar owners know what to look for in fake ID's, intoxicated customers, and how to keep fights out of bars. TABC said around this time every year, they have more bar owners come to them asking for these voluntary programs.

"Sat right there with my door guys, on the front door, and they showed them everything that they needed to know," Chimy's General Manager Raymond Morin said.

Morin said they use these voluntary programs offered by TABC, especially when it comes to checking ID's at the door.

"We do this every time we have a turnover on the door situation, so I have to call them up so we can do it again," Morin said.

"Ultimately, what we're trying to prevent is disturbances, fights, violence on the premises, having to do with over-served patrons, or even worse, drunk driving accidents, fatality," Captain Mark Menn with TABC said.

Menn said these programs can be worthwhile to owners. "Our mission is not to catch violators, or businesses that are breaking the law, we would prefer to educate them upfront," Menn said.

The programs aren't mandatory, but often their agents will have owners and employers reach out to them for help, especially around the beginning of the school year each year.

'Because of the relationship that our agents have fostered with some of the local business owners, that have been in business here for a long time, they know that they can turn to us and say, 'Hey, we've seen a lot of underage students come in with fake ID's, can you help us try to spot these? You know, we're tyring to teach our employees.'" Menn said.

TABC offers a two year certification training for employees, as well as a program that brings either undercover or uniformed agents into the bar to point out any potential problems.

Menn said these programs can be beneficial to owners. "It's kind of like liability protection on their part, if those people they employ are trained, if they've got that extra training and knowledge, and it could prevent them from facing civil consequences if we do detect a violation in some cases," Menn said.

Menn also said with Halloween only a few days away, he recommends anyone dressing up, especially with anything that covers their face, may want to even carry multiple valid ID's so they can still get into bars if they are over 21.
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