Some Sex Offenders Rounded Up on Halloween

A county program keeps the high risk sex offenders in a program at an undisclosed location during peak trick-or-treating hours on Halloween.
An annual program takes high risk sex offenders out of their homes on Halloween, and keeps them from violating probation.

The program is run by the Lubbock County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, and this year they expect about 60 sex offenders from the county and takes them to an undisclosed location from 6 p.m., to 9 p.m.  During this time, they will be offered a program to help with their counseling.

"It serves two purposes, one, to get our offenders away from minors, that would be coming up to their doors and trick or treating on Halloween, and another, we try to provide them with information that would help them with their counseling and teach them something in terms of victim empathy," Jennifer Mora, supervisor of the Lubbock County Community Supervision and Corrections Department said.

They've been doing a program like this one since 2003. "This way, the offenders, we know that they're not violating their probation, and they're not having contact with minors," Mora said.

Mora also said that not every sex offender has to have this kind of supervision. They only expect about 60 people for their program, though Mora said there are more than 500 in Lubbock County alone.

"The vast majority of sex offenders in Lubbock County are not on probation or parole, and they have no restrictions," Mora said. "So they are able to have Halloween lights, they're able to accept trick-or-treaters at their home, it does not violate any laws or their registration for them to do that, so it's important for parents to know that they need to check."

Mora recommends checking websites through your county, city police, or use the Texas Department of Public Safety, which will list where registered sex offenders live.

"While it doesn't solve the problem for the entire Lubbock County, for every sex offender, it is a portion that we can do," Mora said.

Here are links to some local sites to use to check the registry.

Texas Department of Public Safety -- This site has sex offenders listed by county throughout the state.
Lubbock Police
Lubbock County
Hale County

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