South Lubbock Woman Believes Dogs Have Been Stabbed

A south Lubbock woman believes her two dogs have been stabbed right through her fence.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- A woman in south Lubbock said she believes her two dogs have been recently stabbed, right through her fence.

Heather lives in a neighborhood near 98th and University Avenue, and said in the last few weeks, both of her dogs have come inside with marks that she believes are stab wounds. She said her dogs are indoor/outdoor dogs, and sometimes she will keep them in her fenced in backyard unattended.

Recently, one of her dogs was injured, and pretty badly, she said. She ended up taking her dog to the vet, and when she asked what caused the wound, she wasn't able to get much information. "He said he really couldn't say, he knew it was something sharp, you know, she had a laceration, but he wasn't able to say what it would have been," Heather said. "No, not a bite, it was definitely a sharp object, like a, something penetrated it, yeah."

Heather said as soon as she saw one of her dogs was injured, she checked the backyard multiple times for anything that could have caused it, but found nothing.

Another woman, only a few blocks away said she saw Heather's post on Craigslist about her dog's injuries, and responded, saying she felt something similar happened to her dogs on October 30th. This woman, who asked to not use her name or face in order to protect her dogs, said one of her two dogs had also been injured in her back yard recently.

"One of my dogs had a huge gash, slash in his side," she said. "I had crawled my yard, and I'm talking about on hands and knees, at his level, thinking that there was something sharp in my yard, that had hurt him. I found nothing."

Her dog needed 10 to 15 stitches, and said when she took her dog to the vet, the vet couldn't exactly identify what caused it. "He said it could have been he got hung on something, he said it could have been a bit. My dogs don't fight," she said.

Heather said she had called both Lubbock Police and Animal Services after both incidents.

Animal Services told Monday they recommend to all pet owners to keep their pets restrained.
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