South Plains Food Bank Getting Ready For Holidays

Thanksgiving is just days away, but the South Plains Food Bank is noticing a growing number of people come in for help.

By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- Thanksgiving just two days away and generally you think of all the food that you and your family will eat.
But there's a growing number of people visiting the South Plains Food Bank. 
Despite that rising number, the food banks says they're doing everything they can to help out.

"We've seen a lot more activity this month as families are just trying to make ends meet and struggle to get through the month," said David Weaver, CEO of South Plains Food Bank.  

Weaver says in the month of November the food bank and its programs will serve almost 20 thousand people here in Lubbock. 

"We're gearing up for the holidays, during the month of December we will be passing out a lot more food boxes than we normally do." 

At the beginning of November some SNAP Benefits were cut and while there is no direct evidence why, Weaver says "I know at our agencies and even on the dock where we distribute food boxes, our workers and volunteers they're seeing new faces." 

The South Plains Food Bank helps 1 in 6 people with in our community. 

"It just takes a little bit here and a little bit there to make ends meet."

For Weaver, especially this time of year, he's thankful to see how the generosity of other's donating and volunteering, helps families in need. 

"I hear that everyday from the people that are coming through the food bank or people visiting our agencies... They just tell us thank you and the tell us how this food impacts them and their families."

Weaver says there are 4 things that people can do to help out the food bank:
1. Talk about it with people
2. Give time volunteering
3. Donate money
4. And of course donate food.  

Next week they will kick off their 31st "You Can Share" Food Drive at United on 82nd and Frankford. 
They hope to raise 300 thousand pounds of food and $125 thousand to get through the holidays and start the new year. 
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