SPC Remembers Two of Their Own

Two South Plains College students will be laid to rest tomorrow following a fatal car accident on Friday.

By Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Two South Plains College students will be laid to rest tomorrow in a joint-memorial service in Holliday, TX.

19 year old Bethany Loper and 18 year old Brittney Woollis, childhood best friends, were killed last Friday in a head-on collision on Highway 82, outside Seymour. Both girls lived in Lubbock.

Today, some of their SPC professors are speaking out, and say both girls will be sorely missed on campus.

"I will miss her. She set such an example for the rest to follow," says Loper's music appreciation professor Dr. Ian Aippersach.

"I actually had class today, Brittney's class, the first time we've met since she passed," says Woollis' psychology instructor Jeremy Berry. "We took a few moments to sort of discuss it and you could really tell it shook some of the students up."

The teens were headed back home Friday afternoon, headed eastbound on Highway 82 towards Wichita Falls. Loper was driving. Witnesses say their car attempted to pass, but they struck an SUV driving the opposite direction. 

Both Loper, Woollis, and the driver of the SUV were declared dead on the scene.

The south plains staff says the girls' absence has been felt campus-wide.

"To the SPC community, it's certainly a lost in the family," Aippersach days. "Every loss is felt very hard and it's very difficult and for my class today, it was very hard for them to fathom. It's a reminder of the brevity of life."

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