Spending Guide For South Plains Fair

We break down the costs for all the spending you'll do at the South Plains Fair.

The South Plains Fair is here and Erik Lopez is making sure his son Gavin gets to experience every part of it.

 “We’re having a daddy son day,” Lopez said. “We came out here before it gets too busy. Actually let him ride some of the rides in the midway get something to eat.”

But does having fun at the fair mean spending a lot of money?

“It is something a lot of families can enjoy but with the economic times that we have right now, it can get pretty expensive,” Lopez said.

Herb Higgs, the general manager for the fair, breaks down the costs.

“Our gate admission is $8 for adults, $4 for children which is [ages] 2 to 12,” Higgs said. “And it is $5 to park.”

That is almost $30 for a family of four just to walk in the gate.

Then you have to pay for those yummy corn dogs and you can not forget about tickets to ride some rides.

“I think obviously we are optimistic,” Higgs said. “I think the general economy is better in Lubbock than it has been the last few years.”

Higgs said it is up to each family how much they want to spend but Lopez has a few tips for enjoying the fair without breaking the bank.

“As far as the midway goes one of the economic ways to go is to purchase the mega pass if you are going to come for multiple days in a row,” Lopez said.

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