SPFB Says 'Wreck Hunger' Food Drive Was a Huge Success

The South Plains Food Bank has counted their cans from last week's food drive and say they are very pleased. Now they want to say a big thank you to the Lubbock community for all their support. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more.
"We did we had our first "Wreck Hunger" food drive and I feel like it was a tremendous success," said David Weaver, CEO of the South Plains Food Bank.

He says the amount of food collected in the 30-hour "Wreck Hunger" Food drive was amazing.

"We had a goal of raising 3,500 pounds of food. We actually collected 9,400 pounds of food onsight during that 30-hour period. Then Mrs. Baird's Bread came in and said they had 12,000 pounds of bread for us, which is another 18,000 pounds of bread. So all total we raised over 29,000 meals which is incredible," said Weaver.

The food drive pitted the Lubbock Community against Texas Tech in a friendly competition to see who could collect more.

"The student groups had a little competiton going on to see who could raise the most food. SAND which is the Student Academy of Nutrititon and Dietetics won. Right behind them were the Lady Raiders Basketball Team," said Weaver.

"The students won absolutley. They brought in the most amount of food, but they were there for 30 hours asking people as they came into the store to donate to their bin," said Melissa Henderson, the food bank's communication director.

Henderson says social media was a big help in getting students involved.

"We were facebooking and really pushing on social media in connecting with especially the Texas Tech students on our "Wreck Hunger" Facebook page. And it was a great way to reach out to them," she said.

Henderson says since the drive was so successful, they plan on having another "Wreck Hunger" Drive next year.

"We are definitely going to stick with the "Wreck Hunger" theme. We loved having the kids and we loved the Tech spirit and the community spirit that they generated by being there. We definitely want to move forward with that in the future," said Henderson.

The South Plains Food Bank is always looking for food donations, but the next big drive for them will be the "U Can Share" food drive in December.

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