Store Owner Publicly Shaming Shoplifters

A local store owner is now fighting back against shoplifters with amped up security and some public shaming. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
"It's sad that we had to go to these extremes, but it's that bad."

Owner of Halloween Spirit Superstore, Grant Gassaway purchased 28 high definition cameras this year in order to catch shoplifters.

"It's got instant review, instant playback," said Gassaway. "It's like a football game except we're watching people and we can trace them around the store with different cameras."

Grant says the cameras cost him several thousand dollars and over the years he says, shoplifters have cost him hundreds of thousands.

Now he's fighting back, posting the surveillance video of the thieves in action on Facebook.

"Us putting those posts on there is 'hey, don't come in here and steal.'"

He's even offering cash rewards for anyone that can identify the perpetrators.

"If we catch you stealing you're going to get handcuffed," said Gassaway. "The cops are going to be called. We're going to put your big, public information sheet up there on the wall. You'll be famous and not in a good way."

Grant says in the end, it's just not worth it to steal from his store.

"It's not like it's milk for their child or something. It's a Halloween costume."
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