T.A.B.C. Patrols Local Bars For Dead Day Celebration

T.A.B.C. said they will be out Wednesday night but it is the students job to be responsible for themselves.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

The end of the semester is here and for many Texas Tech students that means it is time to celebrate.

“We’re going to do the best we can to help keep the citizens of Lubbock safe,” Mark Menn said.

Dead day is Thursday-it is a time for students to relax before finals start but it also means hundreds, if not thousands, of students will spend the night out.

Mark Menn with TABC wants to make sure local bars are ready.

“Bar staff has a responsibility above the average individual because they are in the position of selling alcohol to people who may then go out and have an accident and hurt themselves or someone else,” Menn said.

An accident like the one that killed 19 year old Texas Tech student Megan Rough last year on dead day when she was hit by a drunk driver.

Menn said he and his team will be undercover tonight checking for businesses breaking the law.

“Our main concerns are public safety issues such as over service, selling alcohol to an intoxicated person and serving alcohol to minors,” Menn said.

One popular spot for students is the Depot District.

Menn said they have recently had some issues there but have worked with owners on fixing those problems.

 “Yes we do think we are going to have good voluntary compliance,” Menn said. “Obviously our job is to check on that trust but verify.”

It is not just businesses that need to be aware student body president Luke Cotton said it is each student’s responsibility to stay safe.  

“It is very important that our students and the Lubbock community stay safe out there tonight,” Cotton said. “With the last day of classes going on today a lot of student to love go out and enjoy themselves a little bit before finals kick off. So please at least for the students utilize our safe ride program, the taxi cabs will be running and the s bus will be running as well.”

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