Tech Fans Do Not Like Morning Games

It seems Tech fans like their sleep more than tailgating for early morning games.

Red Raider tailgaters are trading in brisket for breakfast burritos and beer for bloody marys.

“We make breakfast every Saturday its just a lot bigger batch today,” Joe Alvarez said.

“These guys over here are getting their Bloody Mary on but I’m going to wait a little bit,” John McKay said.

 Texas Tech fans crawled out of bed Saturday morning for the Red Raider homecoming game against Iowa State.

It is the first morning home game Tech has had in seven years.

“It’s rough,” McKay said. “We are used to the 6:30 games 7 o’clock games.”  

“There is not as many because usually this place is a lot more crowded by this time of the morning,” Ginger Hunter said. “A lot of people are probably going to go straight to the game.”

The game was moved to the 11AM time slot to fit into the TV broadcasting schedule.

And this morning proved Red Raiders like their sleep as not many of them made it out to the early morning tailgate.

“There is usually about 100 more here by now,” McKay said.

“We normally have a lot more,” Hunter said.” We normally have ten or 15 more people by now.”

 But grills were still fired up and drinks were still made.

“The die hard Tech fans are here,” Hunter said.

“Absolutely, probably the more die hard tailgaters than the fans,” Alvarez said. “The die hard fans will be here just in time for the game.”

All the fans seemed to agree on one thing; no more morning games.

“Night, night games for sure,” McKay said.

“I would prefer a night game over a morning game but honestly the perfect game is the 2 -2:30 game,” Alvarez said.

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