Tech Students Posts Video of Firing Gun In Apartment Complex

A video posted to Instagram shows Texas Tech students firing a gun off the front porch of their apartment.

College students firing a handgun outside their apartment only a quarter mile away from the Texas Tech campus—and Sergeant Jason Lewis with the Lubbock police department is not happy about it.

“I don’t know why I am amazed because it’s common but it is amazing that they would actually film each other doing something like that,” Lewis said.

Lewis said these young men are committing a crime.

 “Just for discharging the firearm you can be arrested for that because it is against the law,” Lewis said. “It is against city ordinance to fire firearms inside the city limits.”

Lewis said it is a Class B misdemeanor to fire a gun without cause inside the city limits.

“The action is deadly especially down where they are,” Lewis said.

He said a bullet can travel up to half a mile and land on anything or anyone.

“That is a very populated area,” Lewis said. “Lots of apartments, lots of people walking, it is a busy area so when that bullet comes down there is no telling what it is going to hit.”

Apartment officials said they have no comment and we tried contacting one of the men in the video-our calls were not returned.

Sergeant Lewis said the man shooting the gun is not the only person who can get in trouble for the video but the other people watching could be considered accessory to a crime.

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