Temporary Restraining Order Filed Against Mayor of Levelland

Levelland Economic Development Corporation has filed a temporary restraining order against the Mayor Waymon Jackson.
A temporary restraining order is in place against Levelland Mayor Waymon Jackson to keep him from attending closed session meetings between the Levelland Economic Development Corporation and its legal counsel.

An application for a temporary restraining order, and temporary and permanent injunctions, was filed in 286th District Court by Lubbock attorney Dustin Brooks.

The order also restrains Jackson from contacting the LEDC board and LEDC employees.

According to the court's documents... 

Mayor jackson was coming to LEDC'S meetings and causing issues..

During closed meeting with their legal counsel, the mayor was allegedly refusing to leave and claiming city ownership over LEDC. 

He is quoted saying things like "we own you buddy" 

LEDC is a non-profit corporation and is a seperate entity from the City of Levelland, giving Mayor Jackson no ability  to control their actions.

At a meeting on september 18th the mayor refused to leave yet another closed meeting....regardless of the fact that it was to protect LEDC attorney-client priveledge.

This isn't the first time we have heard about Mayor Jackson.

In June 2012, the mayor was accussed of hitting the city's inspector.

Documents state that Mayor Jackson's actions have wasted public resources and caused LEDC to undergo hardship in dealing with daily business.

Originally, a hearing was set for Friday... but according to Attorney Brooks, it will now be Tuesday at 1:30 pm in Hockely County. 

More details as they come. 
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