Texas Custom Wine Works Makes Creating Wine Easy and Affordable

Texas Custom Wine Works offers the use of large scale wine making equipment along with distribution offers and a wine maker with over 20 years of experience

Texas Custom Wine Works' goal is to be the "biggest and best winery you've never heard of" and Wine maker Mike Sipowicz said they can do that by helping smaller businesses get big.

"To help people that want to get into the wine business by utilizing our equipment and our expertise so that they can get into wine production without having to buy all of the equipment. Basically it eliminates those barriers of entry."

Sipowicz has been making wine for over 20 years and he said he can make traditional wines with grapes or specialty wines and other beverages.

"We can do formula wines which are wine coolers and that sort of thing. So pretty much anything in between...we're working with a company that wants to produce drink mixes so we're in the process of bottling that up for them as well."

For local businesses that already have their basic products and Tony Bowen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said he can create a custom order if they have specific needs.

"Get them to choose a label and then ask them what type of wine they would like to see behind that label: cost, flavor profile, that type of thing. Then I bring it to Mike, Mike makes the wine for me and I put it in the bottle, If they get to take ownership of the label and ownership of the wine it's a lot easier to sell...if it's their idea it's already sold."

Sipowitcz said customers can be involved in every step of the process or be more of a silent partner.

"If they want us to mentor them as they grow in this business we can do that or if they basically just want to be a vineyard owner or a winery owner and be able to sit back and enjoy that title we can basically take care of everything for them on their behalf."

Texas Custom Wine Works has been busy with harvesting grapes but Bowen said next month they plan to open a patio and their tasting room to give clients more exposure.

"If you come on board with us you actually have a retail outlet so we can put your wines in retail and then we have a tasting room so people can actually taste their product and buy a glass, buy a bottle, and sit outside and hopefully enjoy some music and some live entertainment."

For more information on Texas Custom Wine Works you can visit their website at www.texascustomwineworks.com

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