Texas Declares Propane Gas Emergency

In response to propane shortages across the nation, Lt. Gov Dewhurst announced a state of emergency here in Texas. However, Texas' state of emergency isn't to help bring in aid...it's to help provide aid to states with shortages.
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Cold front, after cold front -- from Wisconsin to West Texas -- has forced many Americans to up their propane use. Which means that right now, propane is getting harder to find...and more expensive, when you find it.

"The price that we're getting is anywhere from 30-40 cents higher than what we've been paying for it, so at some point that will have to be passed onto the customer," according to Rick Byers, manager of Kelly Gas and Propane.

So on Thursday, Lt. Governor Dewhurst declared Texas to be in a state of "liquefied petroleum gas emergency." For two weeks, Texas will temporarily waive certain requirements for propane providers in affected states. In short, out of state companies will be able come get propane from Texas, when they couldn't before.

In a statement, Dewhurst said "Texas is the leading producer of liquefied petroleum gas in the nation, and it's not our nature to sit idly by when our neighbors are in trouble."

But just because Texas is the leading producer in the country, doesn't mean customers here won't feel the propane pinch.

"Just because we have a lot of gasoline down here, doesn't mean we won't pay a price," says John Christoff, who uses propane to heat his home. "When there's a shortage somewhere else, it affects everybody."

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