Texas Tech Federal Credit Union Gives Away Free Gas Until 11:00

The Texas Tech Federal Credit Union will give away $20 of gas to the first 200 people at the United on 98th.
Employees of the Texas Tech Federal Credit Union will personally pump, and give away, $20 of gas to the first 200 people who go to the United Supermarket at 4205 98th Street.

It's part of the nationwide "Take Back Your Banking" campaign by credit unions across the country today. According to a press release: "Over the past few years, the too-big-to-fail megabanks have issued new fees, are widely considered to be the cause of the Great Recession, and have jeopardized consumers' hard-earned deposits on risky investments. In partnership with Kasasa.com, a resource for free checking accounts with monthly rewards offered at community banks and credit unions, these local financial institutions will showcase the many benefits they offer; including the free Kasasa® reward checking accounts, superior personal service, refunds on ATM fees nationwide, and no minimum balance requirements to earn rewards or maintain the account."

The give-away started at 9:00 this morning (Thursday), and goes on until 11:00,

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