Texas Tech Physicists Share Nobel Prize Win

After helping discover the Higgs Bosan particle Texas Tech physicists celebrate winning the Nobel Prize.

Dr. Nural Akchurin and Dr. Sungwon Lee , physicists at Texas Tech, are bragging about themselves.

“We expected it,” Dr. Akchurin said.

“For me particularly I am very honored to be part of this great achievement, this scientific achievement,” Dr. Lee said.

The team worked with thousand of other scientists across the world to discover the Higgs Boson particle.

Tuesday their hard work paid off when the project won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

“If anyone thinks that this is the end of the story then they are mistaken,” Akchurin said.[It’s more like the beginning right?]”I would say so because this closes some section but it doesn’t close the book.”

Nicknamed the ‘God’ particle-Higgs Boson is responsible for giving mass to an onject.

Basically dr. Akchurin said it is nature’s smallest building blocks.

“There is a lot more of course to the story than just the theory,” Akchurin said.

Dr.’s Lee and Akchurin designed and helped build the accelerator that discovered Higgs.

“We developed and built a piece of the detector, which was new at the time,” Akchurin said. “It was unknown technology.”

This is not just a victory for the Physics department, it is a victory for the university.

Dr. Akchurin said this award will help the school establish itself as a top research school in the country.

“This kind of physic,s this kind of study, this kind of discovery,” Akchurin said. “These kinds of things enriches the place culturally intellectually in every other way.”

Dr.’s Lee and Akchurin will have many more chances to get involved.

Higgs will have to be studied and they will need a new accelerator for that.

“This particle will have to be understood, measured, studied,” Akchurin said. “But that is best done in a different type of accelerator than this one.” 

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