Texas Tech Students Start Business; Help Combat Drinking and Driving

Three Texas Tech students start a designated driving business to make a little extra cash and keep friends safe.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK, TX-Texas Tech juniors Hudson Shibley and Jonathan Hernandez have an idea.

“I have found myself in situations where I needed a D.D. [designated driver] and could not find one,” Shibley said.

 They are starting their own business called ‘Drunks ‘R Us’- a designated driving service for their fellow Texas Tech students.

“We wanted to think of something that was cheaper, faster and more reliable for students,” Shibley said.

Right now they said options are limited, leading kids to driving, even though they should not.

“Safe ride, which is unreliable, taxi which is also unreliable and costly, and then if you are in a fraternity you can get a D.D. that way,” Shibley said.

The idea is simple: you call ‘Drunks ‘R Us,’ they pick you up.

“We get calls throughout the night, we can pick them up in their car take them home,” Shibley said. “And then we ourselves are picked up from that location.”

So there is no worrying the next morning about your car and how you are going to get to school or work.

The guys said their first night was a little slow, as they expected, but said they have already had people call in and make reservations for the rest of the weekend.

“Our main goal is to provide people with a safe environment,” Hernandez said.

“We want to make money, but we want to keep people safe too,” Shibley said.


Drunks 'R Us Website: https://www.facebook.com/drunksrus123?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite

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