The Polkadot Alley Adds Shopping to the Facebook Experience

One local mom decided online shopping should be convenient so she set up her store on one of the most used social networking sites, Facebook.

Ashley White created Polkadot Alley selling clothes on Facebook and soon business was booming.

"When you have a normal website or store front you usually order 6 to 8 of an item... in our situation we could be ordering 300 of the same dress so it's changed quite a bit."

White said she tries to keep prices affordable enough for Texas Tech students and moms on a budget.

"Our highest price item is usually 39 to 40 dollars. Most prices for our clothing range between 24 and 36 dollars."

Polkadot Alley puts up new sales Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8:45. 

White said to shop on the Facebook page you must first register with Soldsie by clicking the register tab and they will send an invoice to the email address Facebook has on file.

"When you see something you like you post SOLD and whatever your size is and Soldsie will invoice you within 30 seconds and you just pay your invoice."

White is also excited to be adding a storefront in Lubbock.

"We're really excited about a few lines that will be store exclusive that will not be able to be purchased on Facebook and we think everyone will really like it."

White hopes to have her new store front open by February at 1585 and Frankford Avenue.

To do some shopping at Polkadot Alley you can visit the Facebook page at

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