Tips For The Perfect Texas Tech Tailgate

A veteran tailgater gives us his recipe for the perfect Texas Tech tailgate.

It is 90 degrees outside and the sun is shining in Lubbock Texas.

So far Joel Mowery’s recipe for the perfect tailgate is working.

“Well the perfect tailgate probably starts out with good weather,” Mowery said. “Getting a good location, which we have here at Tech and the grass for people to play. I think that is the perfect start to a good tailgate.”

Mowery and his friends have been perfecting their tailgating skills for the last 8 years.

“There is eight of us that is part of this group,” Mowery said. “We are the Smoking Raider Tailgaters.”

Each member of the team has a job.

Mowery said he is in charge of music and he spent about 60 hours creating an epic tailgating playlist.

“I’ve been putting this tailgating list together and we’ve got songs about Texas Tech,” Mowery said. “We’ve got the fight song, we’ve got that on the playlist.”

But one of the most important things is the food.

“The food is always good,” Mowery said. “The guys that do all the cooking do a great job. We have won the golden spatula seven times in the last two years.”

Add a few TV’s and some nice shade and Mowery’s custom built trailer becomes the perfect spot for watching football.

He said they feed 10 to 150 people each week and they are always inviting new friends.

“Well when you are tailgating you want to be very friendly even to the opposite teams and their people,” Mowery said.

One of Mowery’s most important tips is to get a sponsor.

He said tailgating is not a profitable hobby and for them to keep going they rely on donations and sponsorships.

“So to have those kind of sponsors we couldn’t be this big without their help,” Mowery said.

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