Tons of Festivities for Parents Weekend at Tech

Thousands of families traveled to Lubbock for Parents Weekend.

7 year old Olivia is too young for college but she came to Texas Tech to visit her big sisters.

Andrea Gildhart has two sons at Texas  Tech and could not wait to come check out the school.

“My twin sons, my youngest ones, are freshman here this year,” Gildhart said.

Gildhart is just one of thousands of parents who came to visit her kids for parents weekend-which kicked off Friday night with a dinner at the United Spirit Arena.

“We went to the dinner last night over at the arena and then walked around the campus,” Gildhart said. “My husband had never been here so my sons met him and took him around the campus.”

The festivities continued Saturday morning with a  big breakfast at the Student Union building; but Gildhart did not just come to eat, she came to work-volunteering her time to help out with the program.

“They sent out a sign up sheet saying they needed people,” Gildhart said. “To help out we figured it was a good way to meet people and get involved, since we live so far away we don’t get to come up here very often.”

Saturday was filled with events like tailgates and tours but Gildhart said it is the time she spends with her sons that is most special.

“Meet their friends, my twins live in different dorms so they get to see different sides of campus,” Gildhart said. “So it’s kind of neat.”

And it is a little bit about football too.

“We got tickets to the game we will be there,” Gildhart said.  “It should be good they have won all 3 games so far so I’m getting excited.”

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