Toy Safety Tips to Avoid a Christmas Trip to the ER

With all the presents under the tree doctors say its important to follow toy package warnings to keep from making a Christmas day visit to the ER. KLBKS Brittany Escobar reports in your Health Matters.
"Under there we're looking at plastic, plastic balloons, magnets, any small balls or objects less than 1-3/4 inch across," Dr. Richard Ranne says a gift gone wrong can make for a chaotic Christmas morning.

"We can have accidents occur even with safe toys."

He says to avoid a trip to the ER read toy warnings and don't avoid them.

"The ages on the packages are actually very well researched and if they'll pay attention to those, it will get most of the problems out of the way for the child," he said.

Under adult supervision Ranne said children can play safely with many toys, but if left unattended he says toy can quickly become life threatening.

"Take a problem such as caps, for cap guns, if that child is allowed to carry the caps in their pocket, they can actually become flammable and burst into flames causing clothing and burn injuries," said Ranne, "So it's not always just the toy, it's how the child's allowed to use the toy."

We know toys can be trouble, but Ranne said the packaging can be dangerous too.

"The bags that the toys come in or the plastic coating that's to protect the surfaces of electronic devices can be easily aspirated into the airway with choking," said Ranne.

He said with all the bells and whistles Christmas trees can be attractive to children and they too can become dangerous quickly because of electrical cords, outlets, broken ornaments or lights and even trees tipping.

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