Two Arrested After Stabbing in Central Lubbock

Lubbock police said they arrested two people after a stabbing in Central Lubbock on Monday afternoon.
Two people are behind bars after a stabbing in Central Lubbock Monday afternoon.

Lubbock police said 20 year-old Stoney Mungia and 23-year-old Le-Anna Maldonado were arrested for felony burglary and engaging in organized crime.

Police said Mungia, Maldonado and one other person entered and assaulted the people in the home at 202 52nd street because of an incident that happened the previous day.

"These guys want to come over and try to do some bodily harm to them, or to one of the kids, I'm not going to let that happen," Daniel Romo said. Romo lives in the home, and said he started fighting back when three people tried to get in Monday afternoon.

Romo said he was hit in the head. "Eh, it hurts. But I'll survive as long as my kids are alright," Romo said.

The police report says the victims then pushed the intruders outside. According to the police report, on of the intruders was attacking those inside with a bat, and that person was stabbed. after that, all three then fled the scene, and police arrested Mungia and Maldonado at 34th and Avenue Q.

"Number one was probably trying to stay alive. But also trying to keep those kids safe," said one man in the home who did not wish to be identified. He said he acted out of self defense when one of the intruders was stabbed. "The one with the bat, I swung at him with my pocket knife, my work knife, because that's all I had on me. I swung at him and I cut him, but the cut was worse than I thought it was, and all I was trying to do was stay alive. I didn't want to hurt nobody. But those guys came over here with weapons trying to assault us," he said.

According to the people inside the home, they were acting out of self defense and out of concern for the children inside their home.

Police have not released the name of the person who was stabbed. The report said that person was taken to the hospital and then released pending any charges filed.

Updated 10-15-13
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