TX Board of Education Debates Algebra Requirement

Texas Board of Education is debating whether or not they will require Algebra II to graduate high school.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Back in May the state legislature voted to overhaul high school graduation requirements as part of House Bill 5. They voted for specialized graduation pathways to give students more choice, but they left final decisions on course requirements up to the board.

Lisa Leach is LISD's Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum. She says whatever decision the State Board comes to will affect curriculum plans for 9th graders starting next year.    

Leach says under the new graduation plans students have less required courses and more flexibility to take electives in a certain career area like business or public services. She says this plan takes into account that not all students follow the same paths to college and career.

"Where the current graduation plans, basically there is one way to get into college. Its called the 4x4 you take 4 classes in English, 4 classes in Math, 4 courses in Science, and 4 courses in Social Studies and they are very prescriptive what those courses are. The new gradation plans in House Bill 5 give students a lot more options to pursue areas that they are interested in and that will actually put them on the road to particular careers," said Leach.

Leach says they are anxious to see what the decision will be so they can move forward with planning their course offerings for 9th graders next year. The board will take a preliminary vote this week, the final vote is scheduled for january.

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