Voters Give Wounded Warriors Tax Break

The passage of Proposition 4 on Tuesday means partially disabled veterans who have received donated homes will be eligible for a property tax reduction.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- On Tuesday, Texans overwhelmingly voted to provide property tax relief to partially disabled veterans who have received donated homes.

"As I was awarded they were really concerned on about are you going to be able to do this. Is this going to be more of a curse than a blessing," said Iraq War veteran Louis Flores.

Flores and his family were given a home by Lubbock Homes for Heroes in June of 2012. The organization paid Flores' property taxes this year, but soon that would be his responsibility--- something Flores was concerned about affording.

"Currently I am at 80% (disability) and that is less than 2,000 a month coming in from the VA and a lot of us are either trying to back to school, cant work and are dependent solely on these funds and its just came to peoples minds that that is not enough," said Flores.

"It was brought to me by West Texas Home Builders, and they had supported our disabled vets coming back by building three homes and donating to those veterans as they came back, and unfortunately an unattended consequence was they couldn't make the property tax payments once they were given the home," said Representative Charles Perry.

Rep. Perry introduced a bill in Austin to help disabled vets with donated homes like Flores get a tax break. Flores was on hand to give his testimony.

"Louis actually was in the testimony hearing and gave his personal testimony and what it meant to him," said Perry. "What Prop 4 does it says we are going to give you that credit based on your disability rating so for instance, Louis I believe is rated 80%, he will have an 80% reduction of his property tax and that was the goal, to give them that relief so they don't lose the home to property taxes."

Texans overwhelmingly supported the measure Tuesday with an 85 to 15 percent margin.

 "I was hoping and praying it would pass, and you know I really figured it would and you know just the high 80% of the populous that voted for the bill is pretty surprising. Its just another reason I love my state. A lot of veterans are finding out that Texas is a great place to be," said Flores.

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