Warm-hearted Contractors Unite to Donate Repairs

A group of contractors spent the day working to bring the gift of heat to those in need. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
Folks all across town will hopefully stay a little warmer in the coming months thanks to the efforts of the South Plains Chapter of Air Conditioning Contractors of America donating time, money and materials for those in need.

James Aldous and other Volunteers for "Heat the Town" set out every October to help people stay safe and warm.

"Every year that we have done it, we have managed to make a difference in someone's life," Aldous said.

"I thank them very much that they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart," said recipient Alice Hernandez.

Members of ACCA spent the morning fixing heaters, checking smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors all for free.

"Of course, there was no charge for them to come check it out and we're on a fixed income so that's a big help," said Hernandez.

Ronald Chambless, chairman of the initiative, said he hopes it guarantees a little less worry this fall and winter.

"They can go through the winter months not having to worry about having a fire or having carbon monoxide poisoning through the night and they're going be comfortable knowing they can have that peace of mind," said Chambless.

Chambless said they had twice the volunteers this year than they did last year.

To learn more about the ACCA or to get involved, log on to their website, southplainsacca.org.
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