West Lubbock Businesses Lose Power In Winter Storm

Roughly 115 customers in West Lubbock had power outages Sunday afternoon because of the winter storm.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- This entire strip mall at 19th and Quaker lost power around one o'clock this afternoon. Mama Fu's and Pizza Hut tell us the outage came at a bad time, right during their lunch rush.

"We had to start turning away guests and explaining to people over the phone that we could not take take out and delivery orders," said Stephanie Hill, the general manager of Mama Fu's restaurant on 19th and Quaker.

She says their business lost power Sunday afternoon for about two hours, costing them dozens of customers.

"We probably turned away probably 12-15 who drove up and tried to come in. We probably had to turn away about 30 or some online orders and call in orders," said Hill.

Mama Fu's was just one of many businesses that lost power. This Covenant Health Clinic had to close their doors and Pizza Hut had to put their orders on hold.

"We just called all the orders that we had out and let them know that our power was out, then we wanted to see if they wanted to cancel the order or if they wanted to wait until our power got back up," said Pizza Hut shift manager Julian Banuelos. "We were able to transfer the phones like our phone number to my personal phone so whenever people called we were still able to get in touch with them and we were able to transfer them to another pizza hut to make sure that they still got their food."

Both managers say they had trouble getting in touch with lp&l about the outage.

"I'm sure everyone was trying to call to see why is our power off, but yeah I had to call them 4 times I think and then I finally got through," said Hill.

"We tried calling them ourselves, but they were busy obviously and then so we actually didn't get in touch with them ourselves," said Banuelos.

Those managers weren't the only ones who had trouble getting through to LP&L Sunday. We had viewers call in to say they were having trouble getting through, but in a statement released earlier today, LP&L says they have crews standing by to restore any outages from the winter storm.

Their number to report outages is 806-775-2555.
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