Westboro Baptist Church Takes Aim at Texas Tech, Baylor

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket the Baylor vs. Tech game. KLBK's Alison Morris explains why.
"They're causing more harm to Christianity than any good that comes out of it. If any good comes out of it."

Southcrest Baptist Church Pastor David Wilson said that not only is the Westboro Baptist Church hurting Christianity, but also the Baptist name.

"Since they have Baptist in their name, I think they hurt every baptist church," said Wilson.

As far as the protest goes, Wilson says the group is out of line and incorrect.

"Obviously anybody has a right to protest something, but personally I think their protest is not in order because Texas Tech is not promoting homosexuality and Baylor University is not promoting homosexuality," said Wilson.

Wilson himself doesn't agree with homosexuality, but said true Christians do not hate.

"I personally don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle," said Wilson. "I don't think the scripture bears that out. But do we hate homosexuals? No. To stand up with a sign that says, God hates homosexuals? God doesn't hate anybody."
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