What it Takes to be the Masked Rider's Mount

It's the inaugural season for Texas Tech's new mascot, and handlers say the horse has settled into his new role like a pro.

Fearless Champion may just be starting his tenure as the Masked Rider's trusty steed, but members of his entourage say he's settling into his new job like a pro.

"So far he's been doing excellent, we couldn't have asked for more than what he's done," says Masked Rider and TTU junior Corey Waggoner. "I don't think Tech could have found a better horse."

Waggoner says there's no room for horsin' around when prepping for game day.

"On game day I'm up early getting him ready," says Waggoner. "For an evening game at 6:30, I'm up here at 9:30 in the morning riding, getting him ready, cleaning equipment. On average it takes about five hours to get the horse ready."

But even with all that work, some things just come natural to Fearless.

"What's special about him is that he just has a very calm demeanor about him, that most horses don't. You can't really train that, it's just luck of the draw," according to Waggoner.

Waggoner says Fearless loves his life in the limelight.

"He loves the attention, the celebrity life. He gets pampered a lot. He does love his job. 90 percent of his job is just standing there looking pretty, but the other 10 percent is running for the fans, and he does both very well."

Despite the glamorous lifestyle, Fearless' job is no easy task.

"It's a big job on the horse's shoulders for the year the jobs that he does," says Waggoner. "He has no backup, so it's actually a very special deal that one horse can do all this, make this many appearances, and stay healthy and keep that calm demeanor about him."

The former mascot, Midnight Matador, retired last fall after injuring his leg. He was the longest running mascot in the history of the program.

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