What To Do If You Have A Minor Car Accident

Here's what you can do if you have a minor accident with no injuries.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Lubbock Police Department said officers and the call center have been overwhelmed with accident calls because of the bad weather in Lubbock Friday.

According to Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police, if there's a minor car accident, and there are no injuries, the cars are drivable, and all people involved have insurance, it is possible to not have to call police to respond to the accident.  Instead, everyone can trade insurance information and contact information, and instead go online to fill out the crash report form and send that in.

By doing that, it means that's one less call for police to respond to, leaving officers available to respond to other accident calls or other crimes. Sergeant Lewis said this is completely up to the drivers, and they can still opt to call police and wait, but depending on call volume at that time, those involved could be waiting a while for police to get there.

Sergeant Lewis also said it is important for drivers to stay safe and move off the road and out of traffic before swapping information. He said many accidents create back ups because if they stay in the road, they can often be hit by other cars.

Click here to go to the TxDOT website for their most requested forms, and click on 'crash report' to open it. All parties involved are supposed to fill the form out and send it back.

By about 2:30 Friday afternoon, Lubbock Police had responded to 158 accidents, with 42 of those accidents involving injuries.
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