Where Can You Watch Red Raider Games on A Big Screen for Free?

A local theater is showing all Texas Tech football games on their screen for free.

            Premiere Cinema is opening up their theaters and filling them with Texas Tech fans.

“We’ve got a town full of Tech fans and we want them to celebrate the only way they know how and that is in a big theater,” Ephrain Duarte said.

The theater is a corporate sponsor of the university and to support the Red Raiders they are showing all the Tech games on the big screen.

“We have a huge screen and very comfortable seating,” Duarte said.         

Duarte is the Marketing Manager for Premiere.

            He said the events are a nice way to get involved in community interests.

            “We get emails and phone calls asking if we are going to show the Tech game this week or the next week,” Duarte said. “We definitely just want to please the people.”

            Tickets are free and the theater has special deals on food and drinks.

            “We’ll have half price beer and margaritas as well as pizza specials and wing specials,” Duarte said.

            After the Red Raiders make their first touchdown everyone in the theater gets a special treat.

            “We also do free chips and salsa after the first touch down,” Duarte said.

            Duarte said the games have been a huge success so far-they event sold out last week when Tech played OU. 

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