Wicked Beaver Brewery Serving up Local Brews

The Wicked Beaver Brewery has 4 beers you can find in Lubbock, Amarillo, and across West Texas

Michael Adams, Wicked Beaver Brewery Co-founder, said he began brewing his own beer to save money when he was in college.

"I found out I could brew beer cheaper than I could buy it, that was the initial reason but then I found out how easy it was and how much fun it was."

He took that love and partnered up with Che Shadel to create the Wicked Beaver Brewery. They have cream ale, amber ale, black ale, an India Pale Ale, and Adams said this fall they are debuting a unique new beer.

"The beer that's coming out this fall is called Blood Eagle which is a viking style beer made with juniper berries and is fermented and aged in Llano wine barrels."

Che Shadel, Wicked Beaver Brewery Co-founder, said Lubbock businesses work together to sell more local products.

"There's so many different places in Lubbock to eat, to drink, to whatever. If we can get as many locations to boost our image, to boost our brand that helps everybody. It helps us, it helps the consumer, they can find it easier, helps us sell more beer. It's just a great thing."

Shadel said right now they only sell 22 ounce bottles but soon that will change.

"We are going to smaller packaging. It will be easier to buy packaging that you can drink 12 ounces at a time rather than 22 ounces at a time. Just keep supporting us locally and we'll get there."

The Wicked Beaver Brewery does tasting events and are planning one for October.

To get updates on tastings and events you can like their Facebook page and to see what restaurants and stores have their products you can visit their website at www.wickedbeaverbrewing.com

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